Jahari – Azurite, Onyx, Emerald Artisan Pendant

Jahari Artisan Pendant

Jahari Artisan Pendant

To date, one of the most complicated pieces that I have created. Jahari is an African name, generally used for a male, signifying a youthful, energetic and commanding personality. The focal of the Jarahi artisan pendant is a lovely azurite and malchite cabochon, most likely mined in the Southwest United States. Jahari artisan pendant sports a contrast with jet black onyx and sparkling emerald. Layers of etched sterling silver and wire-woven details complete this unique artisan pendant, which is suspended from a 30 inch sterling silver snake chain with a hand-forged clasp.

Jarahi Artisan Earrings

The earrings are also azurite and malachite. These matched cabochons came from the Morenci mine, located in Greenlee County, Arizona. The Morenci mine is the largest copper mining facility in North America, and azurite, malacite, and turquoise are by-products of such major mining activity. Azurite and malachite from the Morenci mine is highly prized.

Azurite-Malachite Information

The combination of azurite and malachite is rare; forming in environments where the alternating conditions for creating azurite and malachite exist. Historically, azurite has been used as a pigment in ancient Egypt and medieval Europe, where it was mixed with egg yolk to form a tempera paint used in murals and other artistic works.



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