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Amidst the Madness – Artisan Earrings

Everyone knows the cliché “busy hands are happy hands.” The chaos and uncertainty of our world causes a desire to tame the wild. Amidst the Madness artisan earrings were borne out of the need to form an anchor in the maelstrom of chaos, to tame the beast, and to keep my hands and mind occupied. Creating is a meditation – it takes total focus. So, I gave myself a problem to solve – build earrings that are simple.

Amidst the Madness Composition

Amidst the Madness artisan earrings are composed of a form of porphyry, commonly called “Chinese Writing Stone. The central cabochon is bordered with fine silver wire, a laboratory created emerald, and 10k gold accents. Layers of sterling silver form the dangle, which is embossed with Chinese characters, mimicking the stone patterns.

Chinese Writing Stone

For you rocks geeks: Chinese Writing Stone (porphyry), is a limestone matrix containing crystals. It is called Chinese Writing Stone due to the resemblance of the crystal structures to the written characters of the Chinese language. The stone is found in both the Hunan Province of China and in the foothills of the Sierra Nevada. Porphyry is a term geologists use to describe igneous rocks that consist of relatively large grains or crystals that are surrounded by a finer grained material, usually called the groundmass.

Length: 1.75 inches
Width: 0.75 inches

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