Banded Argentine Rhodocrosite and Pearl Earrings


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In 1813, rhodocrosite (derived from Greek for “rose colored”) was discovered in a Romanian silver mine.  Banded rhodocrosite is found in Argentina where it grows in stalagmite and stalacitite structures.   The most prized rhodocrosite comes from Peru or South Africa, exhibiting no banding and is very translucent gem grade material.  Some rhodocrosite has also been mined in Colorado, being a banded variety.

These Argentine rhodocrosite cabochons have intense rose colors at the top and bottom of the stone, with light white calcite bands in the center portion; set in sterling silver with wire-woven detail and freshwater pearls; hand forged ear wires.

Size: 2.00 x 0.75 inches (measured from the top of the ear wire)

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