Astryd Larvikite Sterling Silver Pendant


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Product Description

Astryd Larvikite Sterling Silver Pendant- Terra Incognita Series

Astryd, the divine protector (from the Norwegian) is designed as an amulet in my terra incognita series of jewelry. Astryd is built from layers of textured sterling and fine silvers, ornate bezels, magical larvikite, accents of faceted onyx and the blackest of CZ’s, and my wire-woven flourish. Astryd has been oxidized and hand polished.

Larvikite Information

Larvikite is a feldspar cousin of labradorite and spectrolite, although somewhat less flashy and more mysterious. It is found in Larvik, Norway, and made its international debut at the World’s Fair, Germany 1890, being promoted as a decorative architectural building material. It has flashes of blue and grey peppered with black inclusions. Sometimes it is referred to as Norwegian Moonstone.

Length: 3.25 inches
Width: 1.50 inches

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