Parrot Wing Chrysocolla Necklace


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Product Description

Chrysocolla is frequently mistaken for turquoise because of its intense blue-green colors; however, chrysocolla is much more vibrant, often displaying rich patterning which resembles the earth’s surface, complete with landforms and oceans, as might be viewed from a spacial vantage point.  It is found anywhere that there are large copper deposits:  Africa, Mexico, and the United States (primarily in Arizona).

This chrysocolla is intensely green with some black veining; set in sterling with a filigree layers, topped with a gemmy chrysoprase round cabochon, accented wire-woven sections and a small turquoise cabochon.  The chain is hand-woven sterling silver finished with North American turquoise beads.

Pendant: 2.75 x 1.25 inches

Necklace: 17 inches plus an extender

As with most of my jewelry, this is a unique piece!

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